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We are a boutique wine importer and retailer in Singapore, bringing you the finest, best valued exotic wines from around the world. Our wines spans from the fine wines from Israel to interesting quality wines in cans from Europe to Australia and New Zealand and award winning quality Olive Oils from the Mediterranean region.

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Flam Winery, Israel

A quality boutique winery in the heart of the Judean Hills The... 

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The Judean Hills Quartet, Israel

The Judean Hills Quartet tells the story of this region. Each winery is independent. The wines they produce are firmly entwined with the individual aspect and terroir they find in their own particular vineyards. A perfect synergy of the wine, a person and a unique place.

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A video on Domaine du Castel

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Razi'el Winery

This is a comparatively new winery founded in 2017 at Ramat Raziel, on the site of the Ben-Zaken family home. This is was where Domaine du Castel, one of Israel's very finest wineries, was situated until 2015.  The owner-winemaker of Castel Winery - Eli Ben-Zaken, made Castel one of the most successful Israeli winery of the boutique winery boom and is also the pioneer of the Judean Hills.

Raziel is a new initiative by the Ben-Zaken family and Eli Ben-Zaken’s new baby. The winery has already received rave reviews. Raziel Red recently scored 97 points in jamessuckling.com, the best score in the tasting alongside Castel Grand Vin!


" We went back to making wine in Ramat Raziel. It is part of a multi-generational family journey of learning the area and searching for harmony, quality and creative freedom. The winery allows for meticulous work on a limited scale,  and the use of traditional methods that require a lot of work and a long time."

Ben Zaken family



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