Collection: Flam Winery, Israel

A quality boutique winery in the heart of the Judean Hills

The combination of our love of wine, of Israel, and our youthful spirit leads to the creation of the distinctive wines at Flam (winery). The resulting wines are exciting, Mediterranean in style, due to a never ending process of innovative creation in the heart of the Judean Hills for over a decade.

The vision of the winery was born in Tuscany (Toscana) - Chianti Classico in 1996. While on a fascinating tour amongst the splendid wineries of this enchanting region, Gilad & Golan decided to build a boutique winery in the Land of Israel, which shall be surrounded by superb vineyards, and would be the source of the best possible Israeli wines.

In 1998 this dream was becoming a reality. Golan & Gilad Flam established Flam winery in the Judean Hills. Their mother, Kami Flam, joined them as a founder & active partner, drawing from her extensive background as a businesswoman, and contributing to the great success.  The winery has been drawing the faithful attention of wine lovers, restaurateurs, and numerous wine critics from Israel and abroad ever since.

The winery is situated in the picturesque view of the Judean Hills, at the origin of the Kisalon Creek and at the foot of the Kdoshim Forest, merged with the natural scenery, and combines high quality wines with Flam's second generations' refreshing attachment to the land.


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