Collection: Seahorse Winery, Israel

Seahorse Winery, by former filmmaker Ze'ev Dunie, has been conducting hands on research of lesser known grape varieties in Israel. Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Mourvèdre, are just a few of these varieties that are grown in our organic vineyard, in the Jerusalem Mountains. In an effort to move one more step ahead in creating wines which truly express the local terroir, Seahorse Winery is beginning to use natural yeasts in fermenting its wines. And the research continues...

Sea Horse winery - the Dunie family winery - was founded in 2000 in the Jerusalem hills and produces high quality wines from grape varieties which do not belong to the mainstream of Israeli wine production. Most of the red grapes grow in organic vineyards. Blended wine labels are named after world famous writers, artists, films directors etc.

It is a small boutique winery. Ze'ev's  desire to make wine was ignited by his cinematic love story about the Israeli wine industry, Lying Down in a Cool Dark Place. He gained experience working at the Tzora winery with established winemaker Ronnie James. Just about everything is done by hand, including the labelling. Dunie specialises in Syrah and Zinfandel but is keen to see a wider range of varieties in Israel and eschews the addition of tannins and enzymes as well as the use of oak chips.

Seahorse Winery was commended in July 2021 by James Suckling with special mentions of their unique wines.