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Seahorse Winery

Seahorse Winery - Antoine 2016

Seahorse Winery - Antoine 2016

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Antoine 2016

A rare Judean Hills wine to obtain as the quantities produced are small.

At the time of order there were only less than 1800 bottles of which we bought in only three. We flew in the wines via air from the winery in Israel. We have since ordered a limited cases.

This is a red wine described as rich and intense. It is made with Syrah grapes and pairs well with Beef and Venison. 

Indicative Blend: Syrah based blend containing Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Counoise. Made from organically grown grapes.

ABV: 14.5%

Region, Country: Judean Hills, Israel


Winemaker's Prose: 

This version of Sirah, “with a little help from friends”, namely Grenache and Mourvedre… This ensemble plays so well together… As of the 2013 vintage 2 new instruments join: Cinsault and Counoise. Happy music indeed…

Boat plus morwader and granache. What started as the purity of the boat, from the organic vineyard in Bar Giora, received musical accompaniment from two varieties, which play excellently together. From the 2013 vintage, Senso and Konoaz were added to the "Orchestra", two varieties that complement the rainbow of sounds - sorry: the flavors.


Special mention by James Suckling in his July 2021 article:-

Ze’ev Dunie of Seahorse Winery shares that Mediterranean obsession, and his

Chateauneuf du Pape, Antoine 2016, was another standout wine, as was his equally complex and original Chenin Blanc James 2013. He used to be a studio technician in New York and a documentary filmmaker.


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