Collection: Sphera Winery, Israel


A boutique winery of exquisite white wines
from the Judean Hills of Israel

We decided to concentrate solely on white wines.
We chose the beautiful Judean Hills as the place to plant our vineyards, to build a winery, and to call our home.

Like a magnifying glass, our focus on whites allows us to zoom in on the fine details and discern the slightest of subtleties.

Precision is a key to creating fine white wines. Our work is natural and transparent, every little nuance makes an impact.

The Team

Winemaker and co-owner Doron Rav Hon studied viticulture in Burgundy, France, completing his apprenticeship at Domaine Jacques Prieur and a specialization in sparkling wines in Champagne. Precision and minimal intervention define his creative philosophy.

Sima Rav Hon manages all of the winery’s operations and focuses on building our brand’s unique identity.
As she explains: “It’s not just about wine. It’s a flair that envelopes everything we do.”


SPHERA is a family project and many of our partners along the way have become our friends. The people in our community also contribute meaningfully to our efforts, as do the glorious vistas of the Judean Hills which echo in our wines and in our hearts.



Our Vineyards

We planted our vineyards along the valleys of Givat Yeshayahu. The annual rainfall is about 510 millimeters per year, and a cool breeze blows through the creek during the better part of the day.

Because of the cold air that sinks to the valley floor, the area remains relatively cool during the day and the temperature drops further at night. The end result: a dry climate and an excellent temperature spectrum, ideal for growing grapes.

We believe in sustainable agriculture – a method combining traditional growing with aerated healthy vines, minimal intervention, and careful consideration for the vineyard’s natural surroundings



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