Collection: Raiz'el Winery, Israel

This is a comparatively new winery founded in 2017 at Ramat Raziel, on the site of the Ben-Zaken family home. This is was where Domaine du Castel, one of Israel's very finest wineries, was situated until 2015.  The owner-winemaker of Castel Winery - Eli Ben-Zaken, made Castel one of the most successful Israeli winery of the boutique winery boom and is also the pioneer of the Judean Hills.

Raziel is a new initiative by the Ben-Zaken family and Eli Ben-Zaken’s new baby. The winery has already received rave reviews. Raziel Red recently scored 97 points in, the best score in the tasting alongside Castel Grand Vin!


" We went back to making wine in Ramat Raziel. It is part of a multi-generational family journey of learning the area and searching for harmony, quality and creative freedom. The winery allows for meticulous work on a limited scale,  and the use of traditional methods that require a lot of work and a long time."

Ben Zaken family