Collection: Nachmani Winery, Israel

The Nachmani Winery is a small, family owned, winery, situated in Gan Ner, on Mt. Gilboa in the Jezreel Valley. It was founded in 2003, and produces between 3000 and 4000 bottles a year. The vintner is David Nachmani, father of the family, and, today, Shaked (the youngest daughter) and Frances (the mother) are involved in the running of the winery. The older children, Gilad and Hagar, were involved at the start of the business, including the design of the winery’s logo (Hagar), but now, have turned to other fields. The wines are named after the children, daughter in law, and grandchildren – Gilad (son), Hagar (daughter), Shaked (daughter), Mika (daughter-in-law), Shira (grand-daughter) and Boaz (grandson), in addition there are wines that change every year, that do not have specific names.

The winery was founded in 2001, when a friend of the family, gave David 200 kilograms of grapes, and, knowing David’s inquisitive nature, was sure that there would be interesting results. With the assistance of a book on winemaking, written by Heinz Kurth (Frances’s father), they produced basic wine, including the children crushing the grapes with their feet! Several months later, during a party, David gave guests the wine, and it was a success! Following this achievement, David received, as a gift, participation in a wine-tasting course with Haim Gan (The Grape-Man), and, seeing that David seemed to be a natural, Haim suggested he learn to make wine. As a result, David, and Frances, participated in a home wine-making course at Soreq Wine School, with Nir Shaham, this led to David continuing to a course about cask maturation, and then onto South Africa, at Fairview winery. 

Since then, the family has been producing reserve red wines, all of whom mature in the casks for two years, and are then left to rest in the bottle for a further year prior to opening.