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Soju: Jinro Plum

Soju: Jinro Plum

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Jinro Plum Soju(13%)  x 360ml


Fruity and smooth with the unique flavor of plums, this latest addition will delight fans of flavored sojus. The low alcohol content of 13% makes this beverage a delightful party drink that is ideal with your favourite Korean barbecue or even on its own! Also known as Korean vodka, it has a very smooth taste. It’s a clear distilled liquor made from rice and the most popular type of alcoholic drink in Korea.

HOW TO DRINK IT: Soju is deeply rooted in Korea's social culture. Traditionally, friends and family will gather and polish off an entire bottle in one go, passing around shot glasses and serving each other. But soju also pairs nicely with food and higher-alcohol varieties work nicely in cocktails as a substitute for vodka, gin and even whiskey.

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