Collection: Tura Estate Winery, Israel

A Family-Run “Estate Winery”

Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon founded Tura winery as a family-run estate-winery. To gain the definition “estate winery”, the winery needs to be the owner of the vineyard, and the wine must be produced at the winery through fermentation, aging and bottling. The vineyards do not have to be adjacent to the winery, but they should be in the same geographical area.

Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon are very connected to Israel and to the land. They are visionaries with attention to even the smallest details. Half a year after they married, they took all their savings and bought 5 acres of vineyard in the village of Bracha. At first they sold their grapes to other wineries, but once political considerations entered the equation, those wineries encountered difficulties from European customers.

The couple decided to take a course in winemaking to produce wine themselves. Their decision proved to be exactly right, and Tura winery has become a great success story. In blind taste tests, where politics are not a factor, Tura wines have gained praise and awards, and the winery has become a pilgrimage site for wine lovers from Israel and around the world.


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