Collection: MAIA Winery

MAIA Winery is a boutique winery with an innovative concept. The winery, owned by entrepreneur Roy Itzhaki, produces quality Israeli-Mediterranean style wines, designed to create a perfect fit with the Mediterranean culinary world; alongside the Mediterranean scents, tastes, climate, atmosphere and culture.

To attain perfection, they invited a team of top specialists to join the winery and oversee the creation of Maia’s wines; two Greek professors, leaders in each of their fields of viticulture and Mediterranean winemaking. The winemaker, Professor Yiannis Paraskevopoulos and Mediterranean vines expert, Professor Kostas Bakasietas, together with winemaker David Bar-Ilan, formed Maia’s fascinating and unique blends.

“Somehow the wine was the basis of all drinks, and from this point of view they could say that for centuries, the wine was not made only by the producer, but also (and maybe more) by the consumer.” Massimo Montanari, Return to Mediterranean.

In the pursuit of, and with a longing for both a rootedness and originality, they realized the need to introduce MAIA to the world. They wanted to create an additional part to this system called the Mediterranean, bringing the finest of the land of Israel and its local character.

Their wines are composed of Mediterranean varietals grown in Israel under ideal climate conditions – destined to be a perfect fit for the Mediterranean food, atmosphere and scents surrounding them.