Collection: Carmel Winery, Israel

Carmel Winery is the first commercial winery established in the State of Israel and the only one that continues to this day in its activity, already 140 years of expertise and uncompromising. A lot of wine has flowed in our tanks and barrels since the end of the 19th century, but our heritage is still alive and vibrant and making its mark in the Israeli wine world.

We have taken upon ourselves the goal of leading and continuing to develop the wine culture in Israel. We believe in the values ​​of loving the country and constantly promote innovation and creativity, while maintaining the dignity of our distinguished history and maintaining warm family ties with 108 grape families over many years.

The wine bottles of Carmel Wineries are on the tables in almost every home in Israel, and provide a solution for customers of all ages, and strengthen the feelings of joy, family warmth and optimism.

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