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Fossa Chocolate

Fossa - Uganda Semuliki Forest, 72% Dark Chocolate

Fossa - Uganda Semuliki Forest, 72% Dark Chocolate

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Tasting notes: Sour cherry, oak, walnut

Handcrafted in Singapore using cacao from the 2020 November harvest by the Semai Orang Asli community of Kampung Long B in Pahang, Malaysia.

Kampung Long B got its unique name when the Kampung chief from the original Kampung Long left the village to set up new settlement upstream. In order to differentiate from the original Kampung Long, the new village is named “Long B”.

Cacao are grown pesticide-free in this agroforestry, preserving natural biodiversity. The beans are fermented in used whisky oak barrels for 6 days with 3 turns in between. They are then dried on raised wooden beds in an enclosed greenhouse, allowing control over dry rate. The reward is beans with an intoxicating aroma.

Ingredients: Cacao beans (72%), cane sugar

Net Weight: 50g

✓ Dairy-free
✓ Soy-free
✓ Wheat-free
✓ Nut-free
✓ Gluten free
✓ Vegan


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