Shiloh Winery's Wine Maker - Amichai

Shiloh Winery's Wine Maker - Amichai

Amichai Luria always had a passion for making wine. Boston-born, Amichai grew up in Jerusalem and began his professional life with a very different career path. “I was working construction. I did renovations in people’s homes.” At the same time, “I had a hobby — I made a couple thousand bottles [of wine] a year at my home.” 

A chance encounter, however, gave Amichai the opportunity of a lifetime.

Mayer Chomer, a Mexican lawyer who had immigrated to Israel and recently decided to open a winery, had attended a social event at Luria’s house. Luria was serving his homemade wine, and when Chomer found out that the host was also the winemaker, he said, “Why don’t you turn your hobby into a profession,” recalls Luria. “I thought I was going to go from working very hard in renovations to an easier life in winemaking. I didn’t know how demanding and overwhelming making wine in large scale could be.”

When he first started at Shiloh Winery in 2005, he quickly gained a reputation for quality and professionalism. Under his guidance, Shiloh wines have been awarded gold medals and international recognition at the highest level. Amichai’s ability to work with many different varieties of grapes and styles of wine, while consistently delivering exceptional vintages provides wine lovers with unique blends and extraordinary single varietal wines year after year.

Most professional winemakers get degrees in oenology from universities or learn the craft by working at an established winery, Amichai is actually self-trained, and this, he believes that having learned to make wine based only on experimentation and tinkering gives him an advantage over more traditional winemakers.

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