Nachmani Winery Israel in Singapore

Nachmani Winery Israel in Singapore

In March 2022, our friends in Nachmani Winery were featured in The Jerusalem Post and we were so happy for the feature.


See article here, published on 24 March 2022

Reading the article and knowing their story, we know it is really a dream come true for this family estate Israeli winery in Gan Ner, on Mount Gilboa, in the Jezreel Valley.  Featured in the article, was winemaker and owner - David Nachmani, the father of the family. At the same time, we read and see our friends - mother Frances mentioned and daughter Shaked Nachmani spotlighted as well.

What is most fascinating about their story, was how the winery came together, from getting a gift of grapes, to learning winemaking, to a family affair that led to getting the most coveted wine award in the world - Decanter Wine Award. For Nachmani Winery, a relatively unknown winery till their awards, to score platinum 97 points, Silver and Bronze for their wines, was no small feat. They have been likened to the that of a fairytale coming true. 

For us in Singapore, we will continue to cheer them on and support with their wines, in the now and near future.

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